Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh Boy! I'm trying to not be too excited, but I might be getting a new horse. His name is Cowboy.
He's a bit older - 18 years old. He's a Paint. He's been ridden in the Tucson Rodeo. He's totally non-spooky. He'd be a great beginner's horse, which would work out wonderfully with my students - I teach beginner riding, to help pay for the expensive hay. And to give my horses a job to do. And to keep me involved with my horses, cause I do not ride like I used to - due to breaking my back after getting thrown 3 years ago.
He's not perfect, he does have arthritis. I won't know until I see him and ride him myself, if it's really bad, or manageable.
I'll let you know, wish me luck! I'm going on Thursday.

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Susan said...

He's a beauty, Sara. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.