Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I don't usually write about very personal things in my blog, but I'm so anxious my head might explode.
I had a biopsy on Monday. I am waiting to hear if it is cancer. My mother died of cancer at 56, my father died of cancer at 79.
Please don't let it be cancer.
I'm terrified.
The two kinds of cancer that it could possibly be, are both really bad.
I'm so scared that I drove the car into the side of the garage on Monday night! Distracted, or what??
Please say a prayer for me?


Sherry said...

I'm glad you wrote, I said a prayer.
If you don't want to write in your blog, please convo me either way when you find ot. Please.
It's going to be ok.

Jumbleberry Jam said...

I'm lighting a candle of calm, hope and peace for you now. Please keep us posted.

-JJ (

Becky said...

I am sending up a prayer that everything will turn out ok for you.

Mama_Amethyst said...

I'm so sorry. I will say a prayer for you.

Polar Bear Creations said...

Glad that you are sharing this! I understand how scared you must be to get the results back.
I keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
My very best wishes to you!

Unni Strand said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Good luck and the best wishes from me!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Holding positive thoughts for you.

Rebecca said...

Sometimes I think that waiting for test results can psychologically be worse than knowing you have an illness.

Be good to yourself until you get the results. Don't get too far ahead of yourself in worrying about the future--you'll cross those bridges when you come to them. And, most important allow yourself to relax.

Best wishes,

Life in the 20 acre woods said...

Sara, darling, I am praying for you and sending be well wishes in your way. Give your dolly a hug, I am sending one trough her arms.

Love, ROhini

Lona said...

Prayed for peace (and no cancer)...

Emily said...

I'm on it.