Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The Natural Kids is a team of Etsy shops that create items for Kids using natural materials. The Variety and Quality of work is outstanding. These truly are heirloom pieces.

This giveaway is 3rd in a series, as we try to acquaint you with these fabulous shops.

Here is what you can win:

Pixie, handmade cloth doll - from fairiesnest.

Owlet, knitted baby owl, from Woolies

Children's napkins, a set of 4, from WeeBeaks

Total Value - $57 !

The Rules:

Visit each of the 3 shops




Come back here, and leave a post with your favorite item from each shop. This Giveaway will run for 2 weeks, and end on May 15th. (Which is when the next one will start).

You MUST leave an email address for me to reach you.

Have fun!


Abby said...

Chickie the Knitted chick is my fave from Woolies, I have been wanting some fabric napkins and the tree frog ones from WeeBeaks are too cute! Oh my a Kitten Girl is just precious from The Fairie's Nest!

ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

mverno said...

pink monkey

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Another awesome giveaway! Thanks :-)

Woolies: acorns
WeeBeaks: cherry napkins
Fairies'Nest: autumn harpist

inannamama at gmail dot com


Mama_Amethyst said...

I really like the Monika sweater from Woolies. It's hard to find hand made hoodies.

I like the Fall Earth Tones batik napkins from Weebeaks. They would go with the dishware that's on our wedding registry.

We like the Spring Flower Pixie from Fairie's Nest. Very pretty!

Turtle said...


Mushroom madness

and maeve the fairy queen. What great shops and talented ladies!!

wanda flanagan said...

Seraphina doll and Tabitha Witch doll are my absolute faves

janil said...

I love Rasberry, a knitted teddy from Woollies, Red, white and blue sweetie dress from WeeBeaks, and Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen, but because I have to choose because I love all in the three shops!!!!


cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Meredith said...

Great giveaway!
Woolies - Felted Clutch with Artwork
Weebeaks - Red cherries on black napkins
Fairies' Nest - A Kitten Girl!

missknits said...

what a great giveaway!! :)

from woolies - i just love these roses! too sweet!

from weebeaks i just adore these spring flower napkins

from fairiesnest - i love maeve the fall fairy! so sweet!

Vicky said...

Fairies Nest: Seraphina (simply gorgeous~)

Woolies: Lilah

WeeBeaks: Summer Flower napkins


Vilte said...

I like these:

viltess AT :)

Sunnyvale said...

I like the Tabitha Witch

kdkdkd said...

woolies - I love Willow, a dolly

weebeaks- I love the Fall Leaves on Brown batik napkins, set of 4

fairiesnest- I love so many things. I bought one of her wonderful fairies as a gift for my Mother in Law. I have Tabitha Witch on my wanted list.

katscorner said...

Kathy says,
At Woolies my favorite is...Oh so Toasty Felted Slippers - also custom slippers
At WeeBeaks my favorite is..Pirate skull and crossbones Tshirt
At FairiesNest my favorite is..Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen - An OOAK Art Doll and the Snow Pixie cause I loved them both

hminnesota said...

From woolies:

From WeaBeaks

From fairies nest


kathy55439 said...

really like the Fairies'Nest: autumn harpist

pixiesinthehouse said...

First of all Thanks to fairienest's blog I knew this giveaway was going on!
Weebeaks: Oval ovation napkins. Love the design!
Woolies: The cute and cuddly
Rasberry, a knitted teddy and finally
fairienest: the beautiful Spring garden fairy!

Anonymous said...

Woolies: Raspberry, the teddy bear
WeeBeaks: the Black & White Vine Napkin set
Fairies'Nest: Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen

Jump into A Book said...

I just love Pixie. Thanks for doing this give away. There are so many fabulous things.

vboackle said...

woolies-monika sweater
weebecks-spring flower napkins
fairies'nest-tabitha witch

Diane said...

Raspberry the knitted teddy, Fall Leaves Batik Napkins, and oh my goodness! The Autumn Harp Fairy. (Can you tell I like fall?) Very cool indeed!

themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com

GabbyLowe said...

Wollies-Monika Sweater
Weebeaks- Hippie style jean bib, infant
FAiries-Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen - An OOAK Art Doll

JenniferB said...

I like the raspberry knitted bear from woolies, the pink monkey love blankie from weebeaks and the spring flower pixie from fairiesnest.

baharcollection said...

I love from woolies:

And fromWeeBeaks`s shop,very lovely butterfly napkins:

Anouther one from fairiesnest :

Anonymous said...

Woolies: I like the bunny
Weebeaks: The mushroom napkins
The Fairie's Nest: What great stuff, I would have to go with Seraphina.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Mona said...

How exiting! :)
Woolies: the knitted Chickie - so cute!
WeeBeaks: mushroom madness napkins
Faries Nest: Lavender babies

5erg said...

From woolies I like very much:)

From weebeaks

and from fairiesnest , this crow is awesome!:)

this is a really big giveaway,
what a great prize:D i will have my fingers crossed the whole week:D


springcolors said...

my favorite:




Inbal Weisman said...

great give away! I wish I won!
my favorites items are:
the lamb is so cute!
I love those flowers!
Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen - she is amazing!
inbaliya at gmail dot com

fairychildheirlooms said...

chickie knitted chick from woolies, mushroom napkins from weebeaks, and kitten girl from fairy's nest although there's none in her shop so if that doesn't count I pick the bunny doll,
:) Missy

suzanne said...

The choice was tough as there are so many beautiful creations.
From Woolies, I adore Raspberry. He is so full of character.
From WeeBeaks I just love the set of 4 mushroom napkins. They would go down really well with our meadow theme.
From Fairiesnest I think the Bunnies are my choice. We are crazy about meadow animals.

Thank you for such a lovely giveaway. My email address is
Warm regards

jennifer57 said...

woolies: chickie
weebeaks: Cute beddy byes flannel receiving blanket
fairiesnest: Custom Order Star Baby Pin

kathy pease said...

i love the Rasberry, a knitted teddy
by woolies, the Simple feminine upcycled denim bag
by WeeBeaks and the Gardening Pixie
by fairiesnest

Anonymous said...

My favorite from Woolies: Oh so Toasty Felted Slippers{they look so comfy}

My favorite from Weebeaks: Little piggy napkins. {SO cute!}

My favorite from Fairiesnest: Spring Garden Fairy - Anthea A Cloth Art Doll {She is beautiful!}



tatertot374 said...

Thank you for a great giveaway!
from woolies i like the bertha the mommy bear
from weebeaks i like the Cotton candy swirls batik napkins, set of 4
from fairiesnest I like the Spring Garden Fairy - Anthea A Cloth Art Doll
Thank you!

S Denton said...

I like the acorns from wooliesm the tortoise napkins from weebeaks and the spring flower pixie from fairies nest
saldridg at hotmail dot com

paula h said...

Woolies- I like the Hand-knit acorns.

WeeBeaks- The Mushroom Madness Napkins are adorable.

The Fairies Nest- I like the Heart Pixie.

wabisabinaturals said...

Woolies - Love Bertha the Mama Bear (and all of her critters!)

WeeBeaks - I like the colorful tree frog napkins

FairiesNest - Waldorf Baby Bunnies Set


Chris said...

Seraphina doll and Tabitha Witch doll are my absolute faves

Lori said...

I like the Gardening Pixie, the acorns at Woolies and the Fall Floral Batik napkins at WeeBeaks.

Marianna said...

My email addy is in my blogger profile. Here's my faves:
Woolies-Chickie, a knitted chick
WeeBeaks-Tree frogs napkins, set of 4
Fairiesnest-Heart pixie

lezanac said...

I love Chickie, a knitted chick,Hippie style jean bib,and Lavender Babies Set - Rose Garden

Jeff said...

At Woolies I love Rasberry.
At WeeBeaks I love the Tie Dye flannel napkins.
At FairiesNest I love Merle, what a doll!

Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway! :)

katco64 at aol dot com

Gianna said...

Woolies: Monika Sweater

WeeBeaks: Red, white and blue sweetie dress

FairiesNest: Custom Order Star Baby Pin


PAXbaby said...

How fun! THANKS!

Woolies: acorns :)
WeeBeaks:Tree frogs napkins, set of 4
fairiesnest: Spring Garden Fairy - Anthea A Cloth Art Doll

jillian @


Here are a few of my favorite things:

Lola, a monster From Woolies is so darn cute!
Hippie style jean bib, infant from WeeBeaks rocks!
A BunKin(Bunny) From Fairiesnest is adorable!

Kelly F said...

My favorite from Woolies is Lola, a monster, so cute! I like the Cotton candy swirls batik napkins from WeeBeaks and the Heart Pixie from FairiesNest, that would be perfect for Valentine's Day!


sherri419 said...

Super shops!

Woolies-Bertha, Mommy Bear
WeeBeaks-Oval ovation napkins
Fairies Nest-Heart Pixie
Thanks for showing me some great new shops!

sherri419 at gmail dot com

demmi said...

the monika sweater from woolies from FairiesNest the autumn harpist from weebeaks the cherry napkins con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

newmom8404 said...

I could really use this!

lilyk said...

Woolies-Chickie the Knitted chick
FairiesNest-Kitten Girl
WeeBeaks-Cherry napkins