Tuesday, July 14, 2009

117 degrees in El Centro, California

We went to the beach over the weekend. The nearest beach in the US (there is a closer one in Mexico, but you now need a passport, and I don't feel very safe in Mexico these days) is in San Diego. Tucson to San Diego is about a 6 hour drive, through some of the most desolate country you will ever see.

There are the Imperial Sand Dunes and the Mexico border fence, which goes on and on for hundreds of miles. The Imperial Valley is between Yuma, Arizona and El Centro, California. Which is below sea level. I'm not sure how many millions of years ago - but this land was under the sea.

We stopped for lunch in El Centro. It was 117 degrees.

Last year coming back from San Diego we saw a haboob - which is a giant dust storm. No Haboob's this time....

Thank Goodness.

Of course, you are rewarded with the glorious beach and Pacific Ocean!

The weekend went way too quickly, of course.

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Tan Family said...

Wow...117 is pretty hot! Sounds like a neat trip. There's nothing quite like the beautiful beaches in Southern CA and Mexico.