Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amazing new jewelry design

Created from natural Cholla - a cactus that grows in the wild of the Sonoran Desert - is this magnificent piece of jewelry.

You sure don't want to touch Cholla when it is alive, but when it dies, the wood is filled with natural nooks and crannies. No more thorns, just beautiful natural wood.

My husband, Eric, has gotten creative. He used natural turquoise and filled some of those crannies. The result is a wonderful treasure - one of a kind - never to be exactly repeated again. As, even if he decides to make more, each piece of Cholla is unique. Each chunk of turquoise is different.

This piece of jewelry carries some of the desert with it - you can faintly hear traces of Native Americans who walked where we live.
Available at Buster and boo.

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Waterrose said...

oh my, what is going on with our husbands? Mine just made a copper frame for my newest embroidery piece and now he wants to make frames to sell on Etsy....we have created