Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too Close to Home

We've all know the horrific stories of mass shootings. Columbine - Virginia Tech - someone goes crazy and buys a gun and plots how he is going to kill everyone. I think we can all agree that these people are seriously disturbed.
We live in Tucson Arizona, not far from the Safeway at Oracle and Ina. Where there was a mass shooting on Saturday. 20 people shot.
My son used to work at the Cold Stone Creamery in that shopping center.

And when it happens 10 minutes from your home. Your safe haven doesn't feel so safe anymore. Is it safe to go to the grocery store???

I have not met Gabrielle Giffords, my congresswoman. But I voted for her. I really like her - her positions on most issues, how she speaks, how she seems to approach obstacles. I really like that she does "Congress on the Corner" - and just wants to get out to meet with her constituents. Face to Face. Shake hands. Hi, what's going on with you? I like that. The police didn't even know she was going to be there this past Saturday. No secret service. No guards.

And, someone was able to buy a semi-automatic weapon and mow down 20 people, before some heroes tackled him.

My first instinct - we need to change the gun laws.

My second instinct - I'm not sure that I'm in a hurry to go anywhere in public - where there are crowds - people. Is it safe?

I was at the doctor's yesterday; the nurse told me her granddaughter was friends with the nine year old child who was shot and killed. My husband got hay at the feed store on Saturday, the guy there is buddies with the brother of the shooter.

Too close to home.

I'm saying prayers for all those killed and injured. And I pray that Gabrielle Giffords somehow pulls through unscathed, and changes some laws.


germandolls said...

Hi Sara. It must hard to be from Arizona these days...So much bad stuff going on there. I am glad you were not somewhere near the shooting when it happened. I look at my 9-year-old and cannot believe what monsters are out there who would should a child. It's all so sad.
Hugs, Ulla

FairiesNest said...

I was thinking about you Saturday...I'm far away and still don't feel safe.

Mare said...

Hi Sara...it seems like no matter where you are this stuff is going on. There are no safe places any more. Sometimes it seems the world is a little bit crazy to say the least. I still remember how terrified i felt on 9/11 when the planes were flying overhead. All we can do is pray and do the best we can for each other and hope that it somehow outweighs the evil in the world. Stay safe....

EvesLittleEarthlings said...

I wondered how close to this tragedy you lived. Handguns are a scourge in North America and need to be eradicated. There are so many sad, lonely, mixed up souls out there that can take their anger out with guns.

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Oh Woolies, so so sad.

germandolls said...

I do worry a lot with my husband being a teacher. Sometimes there are scary students who get mad when they receive a bad grade. Recently a student was thrown off campus because he made threads to the person in charge of the writing center. The staff member had turned him in because he read some of his very disturbed essays...We must all watch out for each other!!!