Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Far Away Places

I know someone who lives in Benoni, South Africa. Her name is Linda. I love to read her blog, with great stories of their life there.

It's hard to imagine life in South Africa. Benoni is near Johannesburg. It doesn't look rural; it certainly doesn't look like what you'll see on the Nature Channel on TV - no zebras or hyenas nearby.

I'm intrigued and entranced. It's funny, because I know Linda feels the same about where I live - the southwest of the US. The desert.

So vastly different from each other.

(just found this picture on the internet, it's a holiday rental property - looks so lovely!)

And I nabbed this from Linda's blog - (also saw pics of this on the internet) - it's a bird sanctuary, that is near their home.

As I tell my kids - it's a big big world out there. See it. Live it. Experience it. Go visit Benoni!

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