Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What was slithering

in my yard? About 16-18" long...without it's head or tail....and was it a tail that rattled??


Can you tell what kind of snake it is by the skin???

PS hubby came home and looked at it with me. hard to tell from the picture, but there's a smaller piece of skin. It's from the tail. It was a rattlesnake. Hubby says they are travelers, they don't stay in one place. But I also know that they have territories, and never stray outside of approximately that mile. So he's around here somewhere, although I checked our entire property, and did not see him.


Linda said...

Oh wow! Where is the snake?

Julie said...

Ack! That is scary. Last yr we had so many rattlesnakes in our neighborhood, my uncle was the resident snake killer... and bobcat sightings. Shivers!