Thursday, July 14, 2011

What do you do?

What do you do when your almost-grown-up child does something that you just cannot believe?

That is dangerous, and reckless, and goes against everything you've ever taught him?

Your level-headed kid who is so smart. Whose friends sometimes do these kinds of things, but he doesn't.

I took his car away. I told him that there is no way he is going away to school in 3 weeks if I cannot trust him. I told him that I needed to keep him safe, and if letting him out of my sight means he puts himself in danger, then he is not allowed out. That I didn't raise a kid to be almost 19 to stand by while he risks his life.

What else do you do?


Mary Ann said...

As a mother of two grown to adulthood...they will do stuff that you will never know about at the time until many years later and only by sheer accident. But, despite the fact that they did do stuff that I did find out about when they were young I had to believe that in the end that all my nagging and my attempts to instill some kind of common sense into them worked. I have no other advice than that you have to trust him because one day he will be on his own...cringe making though that thought may be.

Kathy Withers said...
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Kathy Withers said...

Something magical happens when they turn 24 - they respect you!