Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Moving!

No, not moving to a new home. I keep writing these cryptic Titles!

I'm MOVING. As in - moving my body. Off the couch.

If you saw my previous post about losing weight, that's where this is coming from.

After tracking my food for a few weeks, it becomes apparent that it's not the food that is making me pudgy.

It is the fact that I'm not moving enough.

So I've started moving.

I joined Curves. My health insurance covers it! No money! Free! I was talking about it with a friend last Tuesday. And when I hung up the phone, I said - what am I waiting for?? I went and joined. I went 4 times last week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning.

No excuses.

Also this weekend, hubby and I did stuff. We went some places. We went to the farmers market together and walked around. I came home and planted lettuce. Today we went to a local festival (to check out the vendors), and walked around.

The key word: Walked. No, nothing strenous. But: not on the couch.

I knit - a lot. My little side business, Woolies, requires lots of knitting. And my day job requires me to be on the computer all day. Sitting. A Lot.

So I figure everytime I can get up and move is better than sitting.

I'm planning to get one of the old bikes hiding out in our garage into a functioning state.

And then there are my horses.......that is a long story involving a broken back and lost confidence. So we'll see....

The broken back is what got me into this current pudgy state.

But I'm moving.

And so is Myrtle, who still keeps trying to climb out of her habitat. :(


Mare said...

Good for you Sara!

Denise said...

Great for you. A broken back is hard to come back from.

Where is this farmer's market in Tucson? I so miss farmer's markets since moving here.

Linda said...

This is wonderful news Sara and isn't Myrtle just lovely:)