Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Long Ago Doll

I must have been about six years old. I was given a doll, I'm sure it must have been at Christmas-time. I was such a tomboy, I didn't play a lot with dolls. I was too busy outside - climbing trees, and riding the ponies at the stable next door. Exploring the woods and fishing in the stream nearby.

But I did play with this particular doll. I loved her. She slept with me. I cut her hair, of course. She only had a couple sets of clothes, and they are long gone.

But I still have her.

Her name is Pitiful Pearl. Does anybody remember this doll?

She sits in my closet, with a few other old toys of mine. She likes it in there, she's told me.

About 15 years ago, Pearl got some new eyes at the doll hospital. She got cleaned up a little.

I thought of her today; I think she wanted to come out and play.

Say hello!

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