Saturday, July 26, 2008

Before the storm

Monsoon season in the desert is incredible. I've posted about this before - but as long as monsoon season is here, I'll be posting about it again! The storms have the most incredible beauty, and force. 2 inches of rain fell in 20 minutes during the storm last night. At least, in my neighborhood. You can live 5 minutes away and get nothing, because the rain comes down in rain shafts. I'll get some pictures of that soon, promise. And the lightning! Quite a few people have been struck by lightning in recent weeks, including one 8 year old boy. Tragic and scary and terrifying to realize the power of the storms.

Here are some pictures, about 1/2 hour before the storm made it's way to our house. The mountains you see are the Tortolitas - we live in the foothills of that small mountain range.

It was just after sunset.

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angie said... is amazing how powerful storms can be, and how quickly they can descend and then disappear!