Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learning new skills

Making scrabble tile pendants is fun, but now I've found that I am always searching for unique supplies on Etsy, to make different kinds of jewelry.

This is a beautiful hand-made lampwork bead (purchased from JanesBeads) that I "made" into a necklace.

I've always loved charms, so now I'm starting a line of necklaces with charms. I'm such a total beginner......

I have lots of really unique charms...they'll be making their appearance soon. Perhaps not quite the right thing for Etsy....let me know what you think. I'm only using the best quality that I can find - mostly sterling silver.

Can I tell you how many jump rings I crushed while making this? I'm thinking that jump rings may not be the way to go, so will be going to the bead store this week to buy wire.

I also have some really unique beads for earrings.

Considering the insane amount of jewelry on Etsy, I'll be amazed if anything sells. However, I'm doing a few craft fairs this fall, so will keep fingers and toes crossed! Keep an eye on my Buster and boo shop!

I also have another fabric Woolies for sale in my Woolies shop. Her name is Polly (I have a cousin named Polly), what do you think??

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TheSingingBird said...

I think Polly looks very snuggable, and your hedgie necklace is adorable too!