Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Award??

My friend Rose has bestowed an award on my blog! I am amazed, and surprised, and so happy that somebody likes my blog! Rose has THE most wonderful blog, I highly recommend visiting:

Click HERE to visit her blog.

Now, I have to think about who to bestow this honor upon. There are so many blogs that I love reading (look on the right hand side of page. scroll down a bit, you will see a very long list!)

But, right off the top of my head are these two favorites

Barefoot in Tennessee


I'll let you know if I decide on any more!!
Thank you to Rose!


Lori said...

congrats on your award:) your etsy shop is soooo cute!!! i love your woolies!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a nice honor for you Sara...why are you so surprised? I enjoy your blog also! Thank you for enjoying mine...I am glad to have found a friend in you.