Saturday, August 2, 2008

Which one do you like better?

I was asked to design a bear, for a specialty store in NYC. Initially, they did not love the first bear. I put him in my Etsy shop, Woolies. I worked and worked on a better bear, a more 'playful' bear. I did a LOT of ripping out. Finally, got another one that I liked. Sent them a picture. Now, they cannot decide! They might like the first one better! So I sent them both, so they can decide in person. So, just for curiousity's sake - which one do you like better???

These bears will not be available in my shop, they are a unique design only available in the specialty store. After everything is decided, I'll be sure to post a link here!

OK - here is bear #1. He is a humpback grizzly bear.

Here is bear #2, a much more playful silly bear with ears that are way too big.

Which one do you like? They are both knitted from 100% wool, then felted. They are sturdy and hopefully, one of them will grab you!!


Mare said...

I like them both but prefer bear #2! He reminds me of a baby bear about to get into trouble!

fly tie said...

awwww...i love # 2. :-D

impressive work on both.

The Vineyard Painter said...

I'm partial to the "playful silly bear whose ears got too big". He's cool!

TheSingingBird said...

I have to agree, Bear #1 is wonderful, but Bear #2 wins the prize! :)

Meikemuis said...

Number 2! Number 1 is very, very sweet as well, but I think he may look even better with some antlers? Hope I'm not offending you! If he had antlers, I'd probably buy him straight away... I'm such a sucker for moose! :)

ThreadBeaur said...

Oh bear #2 is so cute. Nice work!

twofortam said...

Such a tough decision! We have a cabin in the Northern CA Sierra. The first bear looks just like a black bear visitor we had at the cabin! We took a picture of him, I'll have to email it to you when I get a chance!