Friday, August 8, 2008

Natural Kids!

I've mentioned previously that I belong to a WONDERFUL Etsy team, Natural Kids. It consists of many shops that make items for kids using natural materials.

Please visit our blog, NATURAL KIDS, and read all about the incredible shops and designers.

For example:

Unwavering Faith - just a sample of what you will find!!


Rebecca V said...

lovely acorns by unwaivering...and on your other post, I lOVE your little teddy bear!!!!!!! Sooooo cute~
How do you do these contests? Also intriging///

Tricoteria said...

Hi there! Me too I belong to the team! And I love the Natural Kids blog. People do incredible job there!

Leslie said...

that is so cute! I*m going to have a look at that list. Those acorns are so cute!

Livvy Lu Design said...

love your creations they are so unique and adorable!

Rebecca said...

Love those acorn:)