Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tragedy in a life

Do you have time to read a story? It's sad, so be prepared.

When we first moved here, I remember being told a terrible story about two children, a brother and sister, being killed, quite a few years ago. They were on an ATV, going down a dirt road (that is just a few minutes away), and they didn't stop in time where the dirt road ends at an intersection. Not a busy road, but there was a car coming. They were hit and both killed. There is a small memorial there. I heard the story from a few different people, and it has haunted me. I heard the story from a woman whose husband was first at the scene. We often ride our horses that way, and pass the memorial, and pause, and say a prayer. Can you imagine ?

Fast forward -
on Good Friday of this year, my horses broke the fence in the arena overnight, and got loose. Typically, horses would stay near to home. This time they did not - I blogged about that morning here:
We found our horses safe and sound, at the home of a wonderful woman named Cathy. I just instantly liked her, and we've begun a friendship. We've had a few lunches together, went to some yard sales together. Today I had lunch with her, and I found out that she is the mother of those two children that were killed. I just sat in the restaurant and cried. I cannot imagine her pain, her suffering, her immeasurable loss. I cannot imagine her strength. Her children were ages 12 and 9, gone, just like that, in a flash.

And it seems that a destiny has brought us together. Why in the world did my horses end up in her front yard?? I've sensed, since I've known her, a sadness - a grief - in her. I've wanted to ask her - "so, you never had children?", but something has always stopped me. Maybe I was waiting to hear. Maybe I knew.

Now I cannot do anything this afternoon but think about her; her loss. I cannot imagine.

And I wait for my kids to come home, safely, from school.

Hug your children; hold them close.

This is my tribute to Cathy, and her bravery.


Anonymous said...

That is how old my oldest and third child are! I cannot imagine!! I hug them and hold them close every day...I am very thankful that my children are safe and healthy.

And bless Cathy...may she have strength and peace in her heart.

Meikemuis said...

Goodness. That's horrible. I get cold all over just thinking about it. Something like that happening is my absolute worst nightmare. So yes, I will be hugging my little ones extra today. Wishing Cathy lots of strength and warmth...

twofortam said...

I don't know how anyone could get through something like that. My heart goes out to your friend, Cathy. Hopefully, she has many wonderful friends like you, Sara, to help her through it.
And yes, I do thank God everyday that my children are safe and healthy.

TheSingingBird said...

my heart and prayers go out to Cathy♥

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing- it really is an amazing story, your horses must have known to bring you together, sending her many blessings

Waterrose said...

I remember hearing about that on the news. So very sad...I'm glad that you there to be her friend...hugs to you and Cathy.

nannalynda said...

I think there are reasons why people are brought together like you have been united with Cathy.
People come into our lives for many reasons - maybe Cathy needed you and your horses were the catalyst! I cannot imagine loosing a child, especially to something so tragic. I hope Cathy will find peace with the help of friends like you.

Anonymous said...

Very moving. I feel so badly for any mother who loses a child.

The news all weekend here has been of an 11 year old girl murdered. They haven't said by whom, but it sounds like a family member did it.


Susan said...

Okay, so I'm supposed to be writing but I needed a break and thought "I haven't checked out my good friend woolies blog in while. Wonder what she's up to?" and now I am crying my eyes out and need a nap.
That poor, poor woman.