Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Big Man

A long time ago, in a place far away, lived a girl named Sara.

There was the summertime weekend at Asbury Park, when she and her college friends, who were all on the concert committee, walked into a bar to hear a local band. They were amazing, and asked them to come play at our school. They said Yeah.

They played at our school even after their first album came out. And again. And again.

Backstage with the band, there was one band member who was so friendly, such a great smile.

Years go by, many concerts later, Sara had a boyfriend. He had been the sound man for the E Street Band for many years. They used to go to parties, and there was that same guy from the band, always a friendly smile, something sweet to say.

May you rest in peace, Clarence Clemons.

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Mare said...

Oh Sara, my heart is broken too...How amazing your story is! I would take every opportunity to see Bruce and the E Street band whenever they came out this way. I've seen them many times in small venues and huge concert stadiums. And Clarence really was The Big Man.