Monday, June 13, 2011

Do you like Turtles?

I love turtles. Sea turtles, snapping turtles, desert tortoises. When my youngest son was very small, we were walking on the NJ beach early one morning, and found a hatchling sea turtle. We put in our bucket for awhile, then good sense prevailed (we didn't have an ocean at home...) and we returned it to the sea.

Out here in the desert, you can adopt desert tortoises from the Sonoran Desert Museum (one of our fav places to take visitors). They live for a long time. Longer than you will live. So you then have to leave them to someone in your will. I've been bugging my hubby for years to help me build a turtle habitat, and get one. He's resisted.

I'm going to keep persisting.

Funny story: we came across one in the wild a long time ago; he was crossing a parking lot at Catalina State park. My hubby picked him up to move him to a safe spot, and the turtle peed all over hubby. :)

Anyway, I love turtles.

From Little Elfs Toyshop

From Dads Wooden Toys.

And you might see a Woolies turtle peeking out at you from the window.

So, how can I convince my hubby that we need desert tortoises?


MuddyFeet said...

We love chelonians (turtles & tortoises) too! We have a non-native aquatic species that was found by neighbors wandering the streets (of the desert!). Unfortunately, people dump their pet store turtles when they get too large for their tiny tanks, and they then take over native waterways and compete for resources with native species. We would totally adopt a desert tortoise if we had the yard space to create a habitat for it where the dogs could not get it - hopefully some day!

dadswoodentoys said...

I like turtles, I think they're fun
when just a kid we even had one

he was no bigger than a coin
but our family he did join

perched in has tank up on our shelf
he would watch us to amuse himself

He'ld snatch his food from fingertips
with his tiny turtle lips.

LittleElf said...

That's a great story. I love turtles, they're so cute! ^_^ I found one in the yard here once so I now we have them around, it was years ago though and I haven't seen one for a while. I bet they live along the creek here or maybe by our pond. I would love to have one of those little box turtles for a pet. ^_^Super Cute!