Saturday, June 11, 2011

Car Crash

My youngest son has his learner's permit. He's had it for almost 6 months, with many hours now driving. He feels confident at the wheel; I feel confident driving with him (as opposed to the very beginning of him driving, when I was terrified...). He got on the highway this morning, not far from our home, with my husband and his best friend.

He put on his turn signal to get in the left lane, there was one car way back in the lane, he felt he had plenty of time and space. All of a sudden that same car comes zooming up, going probably about 90 mph, blaring his horn. Max swerved back into his lane, and lost control of the truck. Easy to do at 60 mph, in this truck. They crashed into the median, and luckily were caught by the median wires, otherwise they would have either flipped, or gone into oncoming traffic.

Everyone is ok. Thank you God.

Truck is most likely totaled.
I'm kind of hoping it is totaled. I might buy a tank for my kid to drive.



FairiesNest said...

Oh wow Sara that's so scary! I'm glad everyone was unhurt! My Max has to drive on the highway everyday to get to his summer job and I always worry about the other idiots out there.

Mare said...


Saints and Spinners said...

I'm so glad that everyone is okay. I've been in similar situations where the car has just zoomed up, with no care except for where s/he needed to go. Hugs.