Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Personal

It's Friday. The fifth day of working at my day job this week. I'm tired. I'm feeling a heavy malaise.

My oldest son will be leaving home in August - going away to college. It weighs heavily on my mind. It's always there....he won't be here anymore. It's the natural progression - I'm excited and happy for him - but but but. The Mommy in me is desolate.

It's summer in Tucson. Which means hot. HOT. I don't do well in HOT. The state of Arizona is burning like crazy with wildfires, not under control. 0% containment, they tell us on the news. That means that the fires just keep spreading. They've closed all the state parks and lands, trying to prevent anymore fires.

Whining. Yikes I'm whining.

Want to hear about the noise the pool is making? It's crazy. The kids rarely even go in the pool anymore.
Want to hear about the bugs in the house? They're called kissing bugs. The bite they give is terrible. My husband just went through a whole medical thing because of a bite. I just killed one on the kitchen floor.
Soon (although not soon enough), it will be monsoon season. The pool will be filled with frogs and poisonous GIANT desert toads. You have to beware of rattlesnakes everywhere you go (including just stepping onto the patio from the kitchen door). Keep an eye out for scorpions and black widow spiders. The horses are hot and bothered. You constantly battle flies. We now get these little bugs (yep, we buy bugs) called fly predators. They eat fly larvae. We also have goldfish in the water troughs. They eat fly larvae too. There are still flies. Maybe not as bad as before.
Want to hear about my corporate day job? No, you don't.

I'm whining really badly. I don't even have any pictures to show you, my poor readers, if there are any of you.

Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I need some time off from my day job. Yes, that's it. I'm off to write to my supervisor requesting some PTO. Like, maybe, Monday?


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Mary Ann said...

It's the HOT weather. It takes the best out of everyone:)