Friday, June 15, 2012

Desert Toads

In Tucson, we have monsoon season during the summer. These are amazing thunder and lightning storms, dropping tremendous amounts of rain in very short periods of time. I adore the monsoons. Today is officially the start of monsoon season.

Except, no rain in sight.

However, last night, my husband announced the arrival of a desert toad. They only come out in monsoon season. They hang around on our patio and eat bugs. Then they poop on the patio. They are huge - often bigger than your hand. So their poop is huge too. Gross.

Did I mention that they are poisonous? If you dog licks one (we have four dogs), they will start hallucinating, and frothing at the mouth, and other very bad things. So now we begin the summer fun of letting the dogs out to go potty, and making them leave the toads alone.

So, I hope the toad knows more than the weather forecasters on TV.

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