Saturday, June 16, 2012


The toad (see previous post!) knew what he was doing.
Today, we had our first monsoon storm.
Glorious clouds, thunder and lightning. Wind. For a long long time, the smell of rain. The tease of rain. A couple drops here and there. I went back inside. Then out again to sniff and enjoy. Then in again to knit. Then out again. Then I realized I was sitting inside in the dark, knitting. It was only about 330 in the afternoon. I looked out - the rain was here. Ecstasy!
I took the dogs outside. Boo, our littlest one, doesn't like rain. Silly girl. Sugar, the smartest one, ran into the yarn wagging her tail and loving it.

The rain has stopped now, but the sky is still gray.

Rain. For the first time in six months. The wonderful wet smell of it. The mesquite trees and creosote bushes letting off their happy rain smell.

Ahhhh. :))


MamaWestWind said...

I love that mesquite, creosote smell! So lovely. We had a storm here when we first put in our garden and then not again. Can't wait for Monsoon to hit us. Maybe if Az is getting it NM won't be far behind!

Juliane Polaski said...

Love the rain...especially when the temperature can go as high as 34C..rain is long awaited. It washes the dust and haze (get this every year from our neighbouring country)..;-).
But when we get too much of it, it floods everything..;-(