Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday, and Today too

Warning: This Is A Rant.

Yesterday. I had let my friend Cathy talk me into working at the election polls. Civic duty and all that. Besides, she said I could bring my knitting and knit all day. Yay!
 I am unemployed. So it seemed like a good idea.
Not so much.
I had to get up at 430am. I had to be there at 5am. I worked until 8pm. It was the longest day of my F***ing life.
In about 2 weeks I will get a check for $140. oooeeeee.
Today I called Cathy, chatted about yesterday. I said, "How did I do?". She said, well, it was pretty unprofessional of you to knit while there was a voter there.


When I got home at 8pm last night, beyond exhausted, I took a shower. Then went to check my website stuff. My husband was talking to me. I said, wait, I can't even concentrate on what you are saying, because all of a sudden, all I hear is this GIANT THUDDING BASS OF "MUSIC".  All doors and windows are shut (it's 100 degrees outside people). The central AC is on. And still my house is shaking. It went on and on. I went outside to try to determine cause of said "music".



They've done it before. I called the cops. I've never been bombarded by anything that loud, from someone that lives more than 1/2 very very long block away.

Are they serious?

Cops came. It was quiet for 5 minutes. Then started again. I called again. They came again. This time, one of my kids encountered said cop on our street, and got out to talk to them. There had been a short lull in the thudding. Cop was saying, gee, it's not so loud. Then they cranked it again. Cop said, what do they think this is a fucking RAVE?

Then it got quieter.

I was able to collapse in bed around 10pm.

Other kid came home at midnight. This morning he told me that when he got home, music was back on, and went on til around 1am. I was having nightmares, I kid you not. In one of the nightmares, there was thudding.

It must have been the "music".

I hate everyone in the world.


Sorry no pictures. This blog might just become my journal into psycho-world. I think I'm losing it. Nobody will want to buy my loveable Woolies because their creator has lost her mind.



eidolons said...

Big hugs! Ugh! We have neighbors like that (sadly they're about three long strides from the side of our house). I'm so sorry you had a rough couple of days - here's hoping the week improves for you!

cold feet studio said...

lol love it. not your suffering. your rant. so refreshing to hear that someone else hates everyone in the world sometimes. i have a psychotic alter ego at times also, but, i think everyone does, they're just not fessing up!