Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life in Tucson Arizona

rYesterday morning, (a wonderfully cloudy - very unusual- day) I went outside to take some pictures of new items for my Etsy shop. I looked over at my horses, and all three were watching something. They were on super-alert - horses are prey animals (hunted in the wild), so are very aware that something might be out to get them.

This time, it was a coyote. Coyote's rarely bother the horses, and they are very used to them. I wish I could have grabbed a picture of the 3 of them, with their heads high and ears pricked for danger.

I grabbed my camera, thinking, well, at least I can get a pic of the coyote, who at that point was trotting right through the back of the arena. I dashed down the driveway, and snuck around the side of the garage.

RATS! Coyote was gone, and I terrified my horses! They all scattered and ran!

Once they saw it was only me, they calmed right away.

Silly horses.

Dozer pooped. Dozer always poops. I know the arena looks poopy. We have a giant pooper spreader rake thingy, and my husband does it every week or so. It's due to be done.


FairiesNest said...

That wily coyote...:) sorry I could resist! But you did get some lovely pictures of your horses.

Faith said...

It looks so...D.R.Y and H.O.T there...those poor you spray them with water a lot or are they just used to the heat?

I wish you could've gotten the coyote, that would've been a neat picture.

Lucky Pebble said...

Your horses are beautiful. The coyote would have been cool, though.