Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OMIGOSH! A Flying Pixie!!!

She flies! Watch out! I should say, she's learning to fly! She doesn't have anybody here who is a particularly good fly-er, so she has to learn on her own. So she keeps climbing up on tables and chairs and kitchen counters - and jumping! Her little wings go flappity-flappity-flap, and she actually stays up for a little while, then - crash!

I have to say, she is very brave.

Her name is Fiona. She's a hand knitted pixie-fairy. She's knitted from a mix of organic cottons, and wool/cotton blends. She's stuffed with clean carded wool. She has a flower in her hair, with neat and tidy (most of the time) little curls. She has a sweetly embroidered face, so she is safe for all ages - no buttons!

And - best of all - you can purchase her right here at my blog - look over to the right!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I do hope Fiona finds a good home, with lots of supervision while she learns to fly.



Waterrose said...

How cute...hope she figures out how to fly soon...or you'll need to get your first aid kit out!

Little Dickens Designs said...

Fiona looks very brave!