Sunday, June 28, 2009

Studio Petite - an Etsy Shop Feature

Studio Petite captures my imagation.

The low down on Studio Petite:

(In her own words...)

I'm a published commercial freelance artist living and working out of a small studio apt. in NYC. Hence the name "Studio Petite". Random facts: I love cats and dogs equally, I have more coffee than blood running through my veins, I'm left handed, and I eat cake with a spoon;) I also adore meeting other creative hearts, or just all around beautiful souls!

This shop is just waiting to be discovered.

This reminds me of a wonderful and quirky quilt, that I would wrap myself in and be joyful.

At Studio Petite, you can find prints, greeting cards, brooches, and original works of art.

Please visit Studio Petite, I know you will fall in love!


missknits said...

omgosh! i love her art! its so fun, and whimsical! what a great feature!

Lille Diane said...

I love Studio Petite! I have one of her prints, "Kitty in the Grass". Her work is even more amazing when you can hold it in your hands and see it up close n' personal.
Big fan here!