Friday, June 19, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

What is happening to my tomatoes? Is it bugs eating them? Lizards? The plants are growing, it hasn't been burning hot yet (next thursday it's supposed to be up to 106, gag puke vomit), but look what happens to very single tomato.

Am I doing something wrong? Don't they have enough water? Sun? WHAT?? Are birds eating them?

This damn desert.

In Philadelphia, we used to have so many tomatoes we could feed the entire neighborhood. Not that I'd WANT to feed my neighbors here (not fond of my neighbor next door, one day I'll write about that), but at least I'd like to eat a tomato that I grew myself. Like in the old days.

These are squash plants. And there are some baby squashes growing. Are they going to rot too? Or get eaten?

In case you didn't see my previous post about veggie gardening - I decided to plant in pots in my courtyard - away from marauding bunnies, javelinas, etc.

Not having much luck.


My friend Cathy gave me some of these plants - and they bloom everyday, in a corner of my courtyard. My office looks out onto the courtyard. And they're propogating...yay. I have no idea what they're called.

This is my pretending to be living in Philadelphia, with 'normal' flowers blooming. Note the cactus behind them.

We do have big trees on this property - mesquite trees.

So if anybody can tell me what is happening to my tomatoes, I'll be very grateful....


Debbie said...

Do you smoke? Tobacco can carry a virus that tomatoes are susceptible to. I've seen it on tomatoes before at an exhibit for gardeners on disease.

That's all I've got. ;-)

woolies said...

Nope! Quit smoking almost 18 years ago and have never had one puff since. Nobody smokes around here.

Unni Strand said...

It could look like they have been eaten by some caterpillar. There is one which feeds om tomatoes. In periods they eat all the leaves if I don't keep an eye on them.

Another problem I sometimes have, is big, black circles/holes. Then the problem is uneven watering that causes a lack of calcium. Put some eggshells in the soil and keep them well watered.

The plants looks happy to me!

Carapace said...

Totally bugs. The fungus moves in when the moisture is exposed.
You might try growing some pepper plants near them (chilies, that is)- a lot of nasties that like tomatoes DON'T like peppers, it seems. And hey, peppers!

Aren't mesquites gorgeous? And so useful! I love my hot climate.:D

FairiesNest said...

It looks like tomato worm damage to me. Nasty buggers! Try soaking crushed bulbs of garlic in water for a couple of days and then spraying with the filtered results. Good luck!

Judy said...

I am passing along the Premio Meme Award to your lovely blog!

Enjoy your day!

Maegan Beishline said...

I definately could not help with your tomato problem. We've tried growing many things around here {in PA with no climate challenges} and I'm just not that great at it! Thanks for visiting my little blog!