Thursday, June 18, 2009

Natural Kids Giveaway - #5 !!!

Another in the series!

The Natural Kids is a team of Etsy shops that create items for Kids using natural materials.

These truly are heirloom pieces that your children will reach for again and again.

This is a bendy doll from Princess Nimble Thimble.

She's 2.5" tall and is a $10 value

Materials: wool felt, cotton threads, wooden bead, stainless steel and cotton chenille stem, nontoxic glue, nontoxic paints, nontoxic sealer, real acorn cap, chiffon fabric.

These are needle felted wool fairies from OritDotanDolls. You can read more about this item here:

In Orit's words:

These needle felted wool fairies, these art dolls are friends to anyone who owns them.They are sitting in a part of dry tree fruit that measures 3in height and 4in width.You can place the tree fruit on a desk or hang it.The two little blessing fairies measured 6in high, made of super fine merino wool that colored with ecological colors [without heavy metals].You can enjoy their gentle and beauty.They decorate and bring good atmosphere.

These are valued at $30.

The Rules:

Visit each shop.

Princess Nimble Thimble



Come back here, and leave a post with your favorite item from each shop.

This Giveaway will run for 2 weeks, and end on June 21st.

You MUST leave an email address for me to reach you.

Have fun! Enjoy all the beautiful items that these shops offer!

To search for other amazing Natural Kids items on Etsy - click here:

Have a great day!


mverno said...

bendy doll waldorf doll

Jumbleberry Jam said...

Oh, I love this little guy:

And I love this flower fairy:

Thanks for another fun giveaway!

inannamama at gmail dot com

JC said...

My favorite is the Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimble!

itsonlyjc AT

Schelle said...

I like the Bendy boy doll with the mushroom on his shirt from Princess Nimble-Thimble, and the girl with her swan friend from Orit Dotan Dolls (though the picture of St Francis was right up there in my finalists :D)

My email is fractalmyth at gmail dot com (and I am Australian, so much as I would love to win this amazing giveaway, I will understand if it is not open internationally.)

mogrill said...

The Bendy Doll! Thanks for the Chance.

The Burgess Family said...

Love this bunny!!!

And this one is cute too!

My email is down but you can get me at

wabisabinaturals said...

Princess Nimble Thimble - Ballerina Bendy Doll

Oritdotandolls - wool fairy , needle felted, sleeping in a dry fruit AND all of the beautiful wool

Thanks for another great giveaway!

Annette Piper said...

What gorgeous work this group does! Really lovely!

ByCoco said...

My two favorites were:
Little Prince Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimble
because it appealed to my fairytale fanticies
Little wool bunny made of natural merino wool and wool felt
because it looked so real and cuddly.
Great giveaway!
Thank you to the two shops participating in this promotional event.
Contact me at bycoco at gmail...
Coco of and

BagsByMelanie said...

I love this: Acorn Girl Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimble


This bunny is so cute!

janil said...

I love Acorn Girl Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimble by Dannielle and Waldorf doll, 16.5inch, for all ages, made of natural materials by oritdotandolls!!!!

Lovely shops!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Marianna said...

I like the Papa Gnome Bendy Doll and the Wool Bunny Wonderland Bunny hand painted with ecological colors!

Colleen said...

I love the girl with her swan friend from Orit Dotan Dolls and the Bendy boy doll with the mushroom on his shirt.


S Denton said...

My favorties are the Acorn Girl Bendy Doll and eedle felted bunnies-mother and child handmade of natural materials in needle felt soft sculpture

paula h said...

From Princess Nimble Thimble, I like the Boy Bendy Doll. (He has a red shirt, blue pants and red shoes.)

From Orit dot and dolls, I like the miniature Elephant- hand made of natural materials.


Barbara said...

What cute little creations!

Princess Nimble Thimble: I really like the Fairy Bendy Doll with the blonde pigtails, dressed in navy blue!

OritDotandolls: My favorite here is the Little Wool Bunny made of natural merino & wool felt!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Ludmilochka said...

The Bendy Doll! Thanks!

erma said...

I like the mermaid pink from Bendy dolls.

And the Waldorf doll for babies and toddlers with the night cap from Orit Dotan Dolls.

nms147 said...

I like the acorn doll from princess nimble-thimble and the wool bunny from Oritdotandolls
nms147 (at)

lezanac said...

I love the Acorn Girl Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimbleand the waldorf doll, knitted, 14inch boy doll, made natural materials.

lovebeingamom said...

I love the Acorn Girl Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimbleand. They all are so adorable!

SFitzg said...

I love the Fairy Bendy Doll (green) and the 18 in. Soft Dog

srfitzg at zitomedia dot net

Couture Lady said...

Very cute Etsy SHops.
My favorites are the Mermaid Bendy Doll and the Wooden Nativity Set.


MAC Mom said...

From Princess Nimble-Thimble
I like the Fairy Bendy Doll with the green shirt and the Acorn Bendy Doll.
They are all so beautiful.
From Orit Dotan Dolls
I like the Wooden Nativity Set and the Gnome is pretty neat too.

bwaybabe912 said...

I love the dog made from natural materials! I'm sure my three year old would love holding it at night! These dolls are just adorable! Thanks,

Nanette said...

I like the bendy doll by Princess Nimble Thimble and the Mermaid Bendy Doll.

kathy pease said...

from Dannielle i love the Fairy Bendy Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimble and from oritdotandolls i love the Waldorf doll made of natural and ecological materials

Miranda said...

the fairy doll is goregous