Saturday, April 12, 2008

this was fun

I was just wasting time in the Etsy forums, and found a thread "make me laugh and I'll put your etsy mini on my blog". Being a desperate woman, I immediately tried to make the OP (original poster) laugh.
Guess what? I did!
Here's what made Chris laugh:

bumper sticker:A day without sunshine is like, you know, night

So check out Chris's blog !
Thanks Chris!!!!


Chris Parry said...

hey, thanks.

I think that is good karma, what goes around, comes around.

woolies said...

you rock, Chris.

skiingweaver said...

LOL! That made me laugh! :)

To answer your question - I'm about a half hour from Worcester (NE of it, near the NH border/Nashua). One of my brothers lives there now!

hoganfe handbags said...

LOL that is a good one ;)
hoganfe handbags

Amanda Conley said...

Very funny;)

Allison said...

Hah, I think that's a winning response for sure.

Mandy said...

Hello, Thanks so much for visiting my Blog. I shall return to spend longer exploring yours.
I find it fascinating that we are both members of Ravelry!

Helen said...

Sara, I have someone testing my patterns now! If all goes well, I'll list em!